Dervish Ceremony

Sema is a part of the traditions and beliefs of Turkish history which was created and developed by the inspiration of Hz. Mevlana (1207-1273). It represents a spiritual journey to reach maturity.

In lodges used by whirling dervishes, neyzen, kudumzen, naathan, ayinhans form the band called "Mutrip". The works composed by Mevlevi composers for accompanying the whirling, which is the music group that plays and sings during the accompaniment of the whirling dervishes, are called Mevlevi rites. The main parts of these works are composed of Mevlânâ's Mesnevi or Persian poems taken from Divan-ı Kebir. This music plays a very important role in terms of the Turkish Music history and is a composition and performance fund that has preserved the characteristics of the sufi music style in the world.

Derviş Gösterisi

The day that has started in Cappadocia with travels through the valleys and underground cities continues with various activities in nature as the sun sets and ends with an elegant dinner with Turkish Night and Semazen ceremonies. Since the Cappadocia Turkish Night organizations are very famous, it is not always possible to find a place. In this event, a short whirling show about 15 minutes is held. However, for those who want to watch the actual Cappadocia whirling dervishes, one-hour shows are organized in two different sessions at 18:00 and 21:00 and they are definitely one of the activities you should attend when you are in Cappadocia.