Hot Air Balloon Tour

Discover the famous stories of Fairy Chimneys, mysterious valleys and the homeland vineyards of delicious famous wine of Cappadocia from the sky! You will never regret but also you will never forget!

Those tours are the most unique way to discover the peerless beauty of Cappadocia. You can see the heavenly beauty of the area by gliding through the sky. These tours take 1 hour 15 minutes in total and show you the places that you are not able to see by walking.

Kapadokya Balon Turu

In the morning of the tour, you transfer with the busses of balloon tour company. You can have the breakfast which is ready for you until the registration processes is completed.

After you watch the preparation of the balloons, you have been informed about the flights. Then you will be ready to board the basket.

Your journey starts with the amazing landscape of Fairy Chimneys and Cappadocia. After an hour long tour, there will be a small celebration with drinks and certificates prepared for you.

After the landing ceremony and the celebrations, you will be given a ride back to the hotel.

Flat and comfortable shoes should be worn in accordance with the weather conditions.

As the pick-up times vary from summer to winter, the information of the exact time of the pick-up will be provided by the reception the day before.

The total amount you pay for flight will be returned to you in case of cancellations due to the negative weather conditions.